Who Are We?

We have over 15 years of experience in the media, web design, digital marketing and graphic design spaces. We have built several websites for businesses across Victoria and NSW and have worked with the published media industry to connect businesses with their customers and clients in print and online.

Proprietor, David has worked with the marketing and communications industry for 10 years and knows not only the delicacies required when working with businesses but also how to adequately navigate the ins and outs of the media industry. He holds qualifications in Journalism and Digital Marketing which offer the perfect combination of skills to help you build your business.

Navigating the online/digital and print media worlds is something that most businesses, no matter how small or large, are uneasy about stepping into and that’s where we come in. Not only can we ensure you are connected with every aspect of the digital and print worlds, but we can help you further understand the benefits.

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